Albrecht Wendenburg

Attorney, Civil Law Notary (retired)

Hannoversche Straße 57
D-29221 Celle
T +49 (0) 5141.93353-18

Assistant Sandra Loepp:
T +49 (0) 5141.93353-17
F +49 (0) 5141.93353-29

Practice Area

Education and Professional Experience

  • Studied Law at the Universities of Heidelberg, Munich, and Hamburg
  • Attorney in Hamburg
  • Judge at Hanover District Court
  • Researcher for the Parliamentary Advisory Service within the Lower Saxony Regional Parliament, leading to election as a judge at the Higher Regional Court (Oberlandesgericht)
  • Current focus of activities: Law of Pending Property Issues - Asset Law (VermögensG and Rehabilitation Law) and of compensatory payments in accordance with the Compensatory Payment Law (AusglLeistG), in particular of government-funded land acquisition in the new federal states in accordance with § 3 Compensatory Payment Law (AusglLeistG) in connection with the Land Acquisition Act (FlErwV). 
  • Partner until 2013

Foreign Language


Memberships and Honorary Appointments

  • Chairman of the Board for the Working Group on Agricultural Issues (Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Agrarfragen) (Berlin) from 1999 until 2/2017
  • Former Person responsible for requests made by members of the Gothaer Group
  • Former member of the German Section of the International Commission of Jurists (Internationale Juristen-Kommission)
  • Former member of the Civil Law Committee of the German Bar Association (DAV)