Conflicts between shareholders

Conflicts between shareholders or family members at family-owned enterprises can push a company over the brink and out of business. KSB INTAX has many years’ experience with out-of-court resolution of conflicts between shareholders – even conflicts involving several generations. We exercise sensitivity, empathy as well as business skills and acumen in moving disputes back to an unemotional level while accommodating the different interests of the parties to the conflict to obtain a balanced, overall solution for the company.

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Our tasks include proactive steps in a forward-looking manner to prevent possible points of contention in the future as well as intervention in legal disputes as a mediating, regulating force. The objective in our counselling work is to ensure the viability of your company in the complicated context of corporate, tax and inheritance law. In doing so, we attempt to keep the company going; if need, we will also assist however in the merger, separation or division of the company.

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Dr. Christian Bereska



Certified Attorney in Commercial and Corporate Law, Certified Attorney in Construction and Architectural Law, Certified Executor of an Estate (AGT)

Philipp M. v. Bismarck

Attorney, Notary (retired)

Tobias Lerch

Attorney, Notary (m. d. Amtssitz in Celle)


Certified Attorney in Commercial and Corporate Law

Valentin R. Seidenfus

Attorney, Tax Consultant


Certified Attorney in Tax Law

Certified Executor (AGT)