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Mergers & Acquisitions

Acquisitions or divestitures of a stake or a company and their mergers face a host of legal, tax, accounting and finance challenges. Designing a purchase agreement requires a precise and detailed understanding of the companies involved or the subject of acquisition (due diligence) as well as a grasp of the possible risks. Additional crucial factors are the tax implications of an acquisition or company transformation as well as establishing and demonstrating the value of a company.

KSB INTAX will stand at your side in the preparation, execution and if need be satisfaction of claims in the acquisition and divestiture or merger of companies. We draw on decades of specialized multi-disciplinary counselling experience. Thanks to our network in the areas of law, accounting, taxes and finance you always have a commanding view of all dimensions of the transaction.

Well-rehearsed teams made up of specialized advisors with many years’ experience help execute complex transactions as well as smaller company acquisitions and sales in a qualified, efficient, and cost-aware manner. Our clients range from DAX conglomerates to large, medium and small-scale enterprises, but also sole proprietorships. We advise them both in highly specialized areas such as, for example, the design of acquisition or transformation agreements or in optimizing tax structures as well as in a universal manner encompassing all aspects of a transaction.

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