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IT Law and Data Protection

The importance of information technology to companies and a growing sensitivity in society for topics bearing relevance to compliance such as e.g. data security have turned IT law and data protection into a significant sub-area of our activities. In this complex landscape, KSB INTAX offers comprehensive, specialized advice on all issues surrounding EDP, the Internet and the New Media. Not only do we analyze fields of business and the ideas of our clients from a legal perspective – we also take into account business and technical aspects while developing sustainable, results-oriented strategies.

We consult and support our clients in devising and negotiating IT and software agreements, the performance of IT and outsourcing projects as well as in designing data-protection declarations and other agreements involving data protection. Beyond this, we make sure that online shops comply with laws and regulations, while assisting our clients in all other legal questions specifically relating to the Internet. We assume the task of an external data-protection officer, training managers and staff in the area of data protection. We also carry out website and data-protection audits.

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