Marital and Family Law

The overlapping of business and private interests requires a high degree of sensitivity and empathy in marital and family law disputes.

KSB INTAX has a high level of expertise in the area of family law in the guise of its certified attorneys. Our advisors have decades of experience in family law litigation and proceedings. You can rest assured that they will pursue and defend your interests in a resolute, determined manner, so you always have the feeling that you are in good hands.

Family law decisions and agreements frequently have a wide-ranging impact. This impact may be of an economic, tax or inheritance-related, financial or labor-law nature. If so desired, KSB INTAX will therefore advise you as early as upon the conclusion of prenuptial agreements and contracts stipulating the effects of divorce as well as other family-law agreements about their possible results – including for your enterprise. Beyond this, we assist businesspersons and free-lancers in separations/divorces, representing them and providing counsel in and out of court.

Your contact

Antje Pietrek


Certified Attorney in Family Law, Mediator

Dr. Hermann Schünemann

Attorney, Notary (retired)

Certified Attorney in Insurance Law, Certified Attorney in Health Care Law