International Tax Law

Growth in cross-border business activities makes it necessary for enterprises to reflect on international tax consequences. Issues in this context relate first of all to small and medium-scale enterprises in particular, with their ever-increasing volume of business in foreign countries. Secondly, foreign enterprises are also confronted with the task of optimizing their tax structure in conformity with the law for their distribution or production activities in Germany. The right legal form and company financing also play a key role. But optimal tax solutions for supplier and customer relationships as well as accounting for intangible capital assets are also key factors.

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KSB INTAX supports you with wide-ranging tax advice in structuring German foreign direct investment (outbound) and foreign investment in Germany (inbound). We will counsel you in the application of German international tax law as well as double-taxation treaties concluded with Germany. We will also assist you with our tax know-how in setting effective transfer prices. In addition to these areas of advice, KSB INTAX is also able to conduct negotiations with the German Tax Authority in out-of-court and in-court proceedings and to support you in company audits.

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Lars Bellmer

Tax Consultant

Mathias Dietrich

Degree in Business Finance (Polytechnic) (Diplom-Finanzwirt (FH)), Attorney, Tax Consultant


Imke Greten

Attorney, Tax Consultant

Miriam Henschel

Degree in Business Finance (Polytechnic) (Diplom Finanzwirtin (FH)), Attorney, Tax Consultant


Certified Attorney in Tax Law

Charlotte Merkel


Degree in Business Finance (Polytechnic) (Diplom-Finanzwirt (FH)),

Dr. Nicolas Penner

Degree in Business Finance (Polytechnic) (Diplom-Finanzwirt (FH)), Attorney Civil Law Notary, Tax Consultant


Certified Attorney in Tax Law