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Tax Planning

Tailored tax solutions

Tax law is not only characterized by its tremendous complexity – it is also subject to constant change. This makes long-term planning difficult. In this difficult constellation, KSB INTAX develops strategic solutions and adjusts them to take into account permanently changing statutory requirements. This task requires one to regularly look beyond the horizons of tax law.

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We address this requirement with the wide-ranging and versatile qualifications of the members of our team. We coordinate tax-related, legal and business aspects, combining them in a comprehensive, tailor-made solution. In this manner, KSB INTAX provides advice on company transactions, restructuring, founding of new companies or succession arrangements. In addition to companies, third-party advisors and consultants hire us to support them with our special expertise in tax optimization.

Your contact

Graduate Degree in Economics (Diplom-Oeconom), Auditor, Tax Consultant

Graduate Degree in Economics (Diplom-Ökonom)

Degree in Business Finance (Polytechnic) (Diplom-Finanzwirt (FH)), Attorney, Tax Consultant

Associate Partner

Degree in Business Finance (Polytechnic) (Diplom Finanzwirtin (FH)), Attorney, Tax Consultant


Certified Attorney in Tax Law

Degree in Business Finance (Polytechnic) (Diplom-Finanzwirt (FH)), Attorney Civil Law Notary, Tax Consultant


Certified Attorney in Tax Law

Attorney, Tax Consultant

Tax consultant


Degree in Business Finance (Polytechnic) (Diplom-Finanzwirt (FH)),

Tax Consultant

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)