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Risk Management

Financing risks, tax risks, weak points in companies’ specific organizational structure, procurement or sales risks can pose a serious threat to the viability of a company. That is why a well-functioning risk management system is a must for efficient management of an enterprise. KSB INTAX identifies existing and future risks by performing company-specific “risk inventories”, evaluating the risks and formulating strategies jointly with clients to minimize such risks.

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Our scope of work include the establishment and auditing of risk-management systems and the performance of efficiency analyses such as e.g. due diligence audits. We conceive and institute cost-reduction programs and implement cost accounting, planning and goods-management systems. It is particularly with small and medium-scale clients in mind that KSB INTAX offers risk-management solutions in the event of sole proprietors becoming incapacitated as a result of accidents or illness.

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Graduate Degree in Business Management (Diplom-Kaufmann), Auditor, Tax Consultant

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Degree in Business Administration (Polytechnic) (Diplom-Betriebswirt (FH)), Tax Consultant

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