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Special Audits

In addition to statutory and voluntary audits of financial statements and company groups’ financial statements, lawmakers require special audits for a host of legal forms, individual situations and areas of activity. With its team of well-versed experts, KSB INTAX performs all types of special statutory and voluntary audits, whether they are of a financial nature or concen  commercial or tax law.

Our auditing activities encompass the following areas in particular:

  • Special audits under stock corporation law,
  • Audits of new companies,
  • Special balance sheets in transformation cases,
  • Audits in accordance with the German Budgetary Principles Act (Haushaltsgrundsätzegesetz),
  • Audits in accordance with the German Real Estate Agent and Commercial Construction Developer Ordinance (Prüfungen nach der Makler- und Bauträgerverordnung),
  • Audits of restructuring strategies,
  • Company valuations,
  • Audits of creditworthiness,
  • Embezzlement audits,
  • Financial and balance sheet due diligences in the acquisition of companies (buy-side due diligence) and
  • other audits of individual areas.

Your contact

Graduate Degree in Business Administration (Diplom-Kaufmann), Auditor, Tax Consultant


Graduate Degree in Business Management (Diplom-Kaufmann), Auditor, Tax Consultant

Associate Partner

Graduate Degree in Economics (Diplom-Ökonom), Tax Consultant


Graduate Degree in Economics (Diplom-Ökonomin), Auditor, Tax Consultant

Associate Partner

Degree in Business Administration (Polytechnic) (Diplom-Betriebswirt (FH)), Tax Consultant

Associate Partner