Year-End Audit

The year-end audit is the business hallmark of an enterprise, reflecting as it does its business performance in its year-end results. KBS INTAX carries out audits required by law as well as voluntary audits of annual financial statements and group financial statements for company groups with a wide range of legal forms. Incorporated companies, associations, foundations, partnerships and public enterprises all retain our services.

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Auditors with extensive experience in the planning and execution of financial-statement audits head annual year-end audits. In performing these audits on-site at companies, we devote special attention to identifying bottlenecks and staff shortages at customers’ companies.

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Til Ammermann

Graduate Degree in Business Administration (Diplom-Kaufmann)


Tax Consultant


Thomas Baransky

Degree in Business Administration (Polytechnic) (Diplom-Betriebswirt (FH)), Tax Consultant

Associate Partner

Frank Deppenkemper

Graduate Degree in Business Management (Diplom-Kaufmann), Auditor, Tax Consultant

Associate Partner

Rolf Dittmar

Graduate Degree in Engineering (Diplom-Ingenieur), Auditor, Tax Consultant

Jan Ellwanger

Graduate Degree in Economics (Diplom-Ökonom)

Maren Helm

Tax Consultant

Monika Martyniak

Graduate Degree in Economics (Diplom-Ökonomin), Auditor, Tax Consultant

Associate Partner

Michael Rudolph

Graduate Degree in Economics (Diplom-Ökonom), Tax Consultant

Associate Partner