Consulting for SMEs

Companies are dependent on persons exercising influence to create structures and to manage processes. The first and most important function of management is to focus the cooperative efforts of the employees on the customers and their problems and to prudently organize those efforts with a view to finding common solutions. For every situation and in the face of every challenge in the life cycle of an enterprise, the management must determine the appropriate strategy, efficiently structure the business processes and guarantee the efficient cooperation of the employees based on an intact and vital corporate culture.

Diligence and consulting

Managing a company is a responsible task. It demands great diligence as well as a conscientious and well-thought-out approach. This includes not just entrepreneurial creativity and intuition, but also a critical examination of the entrepreneurial options for action. A good decision must pass the test of a critical dialogue with consultants at eye level. Does it fit with the economic and financial situation? Does it increase the prospects of success? What about the opportunities and risks? What about the company’s strengths and weaknesses? And what are the options for action based on the situation and the challenges? Someone who is not themselves part of the problem, but knows how a company works, is in a position to ask unbiased questions, review decisions and, above all, constantly press for the necessary measures to guarantee the company’s long-term survival. Engaging the services of an independent, objective external consultant, along with a critical outside view from someone with an understanding of the internal processes, testifies to a sense of responsibility and due diligence on the part of the management.

Special challenges…

…arise where the management: 

  • is not the sole proprietor of the company and does not have sole authorization to make entrepreneurial decisions. If for no other reason than to avoid personal liability, the management must be able to justify that entrepreneurial decisions and measures are based on rational thought and to win the approval of the relevant supervisory bodies. Managers and boards of management are confronted with major communication challenges as they search for a common understanding and consensus with executive colleagues, supervisory bodies and the general meeting corporate governance;
  • must take appropriate organizational precautions to guarantee legally compliant business processes within the company against the background of increasingly regulated (international), complex economic relationships – compliance;
  • must strategically develop the company and introduce change processes in order to secure the company’s future survival –  company succession;
  • must restructure the company in a state of emergency – crisis and company restructuring

Approach to consulting

Together with the client, we analyze the company’s economic and financial situation with its particular challenges, strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. With our consulting services, we channel the tasks of management into a carefully organized business process. We guarantee that the managers are able to effectively meet their duties of care with due consideration to the life cycle and situation of the company. With our consulting services, we guarantee that, if called into question (including in court), those in positions of responsibility are able to demonstrate the diligence of their actions so as to effectively reduce their personal risk of liability. And, finally, we are also at your service in cases where the liability of managers becomes the subject of legal dispute.

We are specialized in the provision of consulting services to family-run companies and other small and medium-sized enterprises as well as large non-profit organizations.

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