Construction and Architectural Law

KSB INTAX offers its clients all the classic legal services relating to real estate with its advisors and notary publics specialized in real estate law.

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Contractual design

KSB INTAX drafts, reviews and negotiates all contractual agreements involved in the development, use, divestiture and purchase of real estate. Focal points in our practice include construction and architect agreements, transaction documents and commercial lease agreements including the optimization of existing Agreements.

Enforcement of and defense against claims

KSB INTAX will support you in enforcing claims as well as defending you against others’ claims – in and out of court. All of our advisors specialized in real estate law also represent our clients before court.


Whenever warranted, KSB INTAX works in a team together with appraisers, project steering and other partners from the real estate branch who are tried and proven in many years of collaboration. Especially construction projects that have gone awry require interdisciplinary teams of advisers. Troubleshooting is one of our strengths.

Project steering with legal expertise

KSB INTAX assists in major construction projects right from the outset all the way to their completion. We support developers and persons in charge of technical project steering by offering counsel and advice in the acquisition of properties, tenders and award of contracts, assistance at developers’ meetings and by warding off unjustified additional claims.

Public construction law /procurement law

KSB INTAX furnishes advice on all issues relating to public construction law as well as assistance in procurement and bidding procedures.

Your contacts

Dr. Christian Bereska



Certified Attorney in Commercial and Corporate Law, Certified Attorney in Construction and Architectural Law, Certified Executor of an Estate (AGT)

Christian Ceyp


Josie Charwat


Associate Partner

Kirstin Krüger


Associate Partner

Certified Attorney in Construction and Architectural Law

Dr. Jan-W. Vesting



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