Inheritance Law

Matters of estates and inheritance require well-founded advice due to their legal complexity, the often substantial assets in estates and not least the emotional strain involved.

KSB INTAX has bona fide expertise based on years of experience in the field of practice as reflected by its specialization in the area of estate law. We provide comprehensive assistance spanning all areas of estate law – with the assistance of our notary publics – in executing your last will and testament.

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KSB INTAX advises its clients in the case of endowments, anticipated succession, estate planning, while also offering assistance in successions. Our services include the planning of wealth succession for private and company assets, advice in drafting last wills and testaments as well as inheritance agreements, design of execution of last wills and testaments and analysis of the tax repercussions of inheritance.

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Dr. Christian Bereska



Certified Attorney in Commercial and Corporate Law, Certified Attorney in Construction and Architectural Law, Certified Executor of an Estate (AGT)

Philipp M. v. Bismarck

Attorney, Notary (retired)

Marie Meyer


Dr. Stephan Rose

Attorney, Notary (m. d. Amtssitz in Hannover)


Certified Attorney in Labor Law, Certified Attorney in Commercial and Corporate Law, Certified Attorney in Inheritance, Certified Executor of an Estate (AGT)

Dr. Hermann Schünemann

Attorney, Notary (retired)

Certified Attorney in Insurance Law, Certified Attorney in Health Care Law

Valentin R. Seidenfus

Attorney, Tax Consultant


Certified Attorney in Tax Law

Certified Executor (AGT)