Insurance Law

Whether insurance agreements offer the desired security or not only becomes apparent in the event of loss. In addition to frequently tedious, drawn-out claim assessments, insurers generally only perform a legal review of the contractual situation after damage occurs. Their result may be, for example, that the loss is not held to be covered by the insurance, that there is a sub-insurance policy or that the customer is said to have not communicated changes in the insured risks. Partial reduction or even elimination of insurance benefits by the insurer can quickly translate into an acute threat to economic viability. This is especially the case when the reduction in benefits (also) relates to the insurance policy for business interruption, whose entire purpose is after all to compensate for loss of earnings quickly after a damage incident.

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It is also necessary to quickly and reliably clear up the obligation of the insurer to meet claims after a damage incident in the case of general liability insurance policies as well. This may relate to liability claims that are asserted against enterprises, but also  liability claims that directly threaten the financial situation of managing directors or management boards/supervisory boards and for which a D&O insurance policy has been taken out.  

KSB INTAX is at your side as a reliable partner with its team of specialized, certified attorneys in these and in other matters involving insurance law. Our expertise by the same token also extends to the areas of commercial and industrial non-life insurance, business interruption insurance and general liability insurance. The main areas of practice involve the domains of D&O insurance, professional liability insurance for financial losses and business liability insurance. In our capacity as attorneys experienced in litigation we profit from our experience and skills in conducting legal disputes and dealing with courts. If need be, we strengthen the team with auditors and tax advisors from KSB INTAX, particularly when the task is to appraise damage incurred as a result of business interruption. Our IT specialists reinforce the team in the field of cyber-risk damage, which is steadily gaining importance.

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