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Labor Law

KSB INTAX has a highly qualified team of certified attorneys specialized in labor law.



  • provide advice on any and all contractual issues, ranging from the design and structure of working conditions specially tailored to your company’s needs, annulment of employment contracts by mutual agreement all the way to termination of employment;
  • devise labor-law solutions in the case of restructuring, mergers and conversions, including those involving transfers of undertakings;
  • negotiate with trade unions over collective agreements and with works councils over individual company agreements and the conclusion of interest-accommodation agreements and social plans in the case of lay-offs;
  • help find solutions when conflictual staff-related measures are to be carried out and guide our clients through difficult negotiations with our professional negotiating skills and our experience as mediators;
  • analyze and recommend the optimal economic solution especially with regard to management (boards, managing directors, executives);
  • represent you in litigation in a resolute, committed Fashion.

You profit from our multi-disciplinary counselling strategy in issues involving data privacy of employees, protection of know-how and the design of compliance management systems as well as our activities in the capacity of ombudsman in this regard. This also applies to questions of insurance protection, particularly D&O insurance.

Our many years of experience are reflected in our lecturing and training activities at business enterprises and their managements.

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