Public Procurement Law

Public procurement and public purchasing are of outstanding importance for public authorities and companies. This is because public clients provide a public contract through formal procurement procedures. Contracting authorities who act unprofessionally and without legal expertise are in danger of failing in their procurement projects. Bidders or companies that do not master the specifics of the award procedures run the risk of not being awarded a contract due to legal errors. 

But which legal regulations govern the awarding of contracts? How is the procedure for an award procedure? And what is the significance of the threshold value for awarding contracts? KSB INTAX provides answers to these and other questions. 

Scope and aim of public procurement law

“Public procurement law" comprises all rules and regulations governing the awarding of public contracts. These prescribe the procedure to be followed when purchasing goods and services for the public sector. The regulations on public procurement law (in particular the Act against Restraints of Competition) are intended to ensure that the principles of competition, which include transparency and equal treatment, are observed. This should lead, among other things, to the public sector benefiting from the best price-performance ratio and to companies having the opportunity to submit an economical bid. 

Public procurement law services by KSB INTAX

Our public procurement law services therefore include a wide range of services for companies and public clients, such as expert opinions on all public procurement law issues. For public clients we take over the organization of the entire award procedure. We support bidders throughout the entire bidding process until the contract is awarded. The handling of complaints and review procedures is another focus of our work. 

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