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Real Estate Law (Notary)

Our notary public office has been developing and refining its expertise in all areas of real estate law for many decades. From the purchase/sale of a house property or a condominium or company real estate all the way to transactions involving a large number of real estate units between real estate companies: our notary publics have the required pool of knowledge to assist in financial transaction on any and all scales in a professional, secure manner. Our portfolio of services furthermore encompasses designing declarations of partition for condominiums or leasehold estate  rights including the required special-usage rights, all types of land charges and encumbrances, be it to obtain financing, usage and acquiescence rights or other disposals.

Our notary publics are by the same token able to draw on their continuously growing wealth of expertise in pace with the latest developments in the field of law thanks to their advisory work providing counsel or representing clients in litigation - to the benefit of the parties to agreements. Our notary publics’ and their experienced staff members’ claim is to execute all real estate transactions as quickly and at the same time as securely as possible.

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