Dr. Ralf Schlottau

Attorney, Notary (m. d. Amtssitz in Celle)


Certified Attorney in Agricultural Law, Certified Attorney in Commercial and Corporate Law, Certified Foundation Manager (DSA)

Hannoversche Straße 57
D-29221 Celle

Assistant Julia Roll:
T +49 (0) 5141.93353-30
F +49 (0) 5141.93353-29

Notary secretary's office:
Sabine Butschbach
T +49 (0) 5141.93353-31
Claudia Fröhlich
T +49 (0) 5141.93353-49
Heike Rienass
T +49 (0) 5141.93353-33
Sandra Wiese
T +49 (0) 5141.93353-23
Cornelia Weiß
T +49 (0) 5141.93353-22

Practice Areas

Academic Work

  • Publications and Lecturing

Education and Professional Experience

  • Studied law at Rhenish Friedrich Wilhelm University in Bonn and Christian Albrecht University of Kiel
  • 18 months spent in the USA
  • Four months work experience at the German Embassy in Pretoria, South Africa
  • Awarded Doctorate in Law in 2007 (dissertation topic: History of Colonial Law)
  • Certified Attorney in Agricultural Law since 2011
  • Certified Attorney in Commercial and Corporate Law since 2014
  • Notary since 2014
  • Certified Foundation Manager (DSA) since 2020
  • Estate Executor
  • Joined KSB INTAX in 2008

Foreign Language

  • English

Memberships and Honorary Appointments

  • Member of the Association of Family Farms Land and Forest e.V.
  • Member of the German Society for Agricultural Law - Association for Agricultural and Environmental Law (DGAR) e.V.
  • Member of the board of a non-profit foundation
  • Chairman and member of various arbitration tribunals
  • Member of the Celle Lawyers' Association
  • various other honorary board activities