Dr. Ralf Schlottau

Attorney, Notary (m. d. Amtssitz in Celle)


Certified Attorney in Agricultural Law, Certified Attorney in Commercial and Corporate Law, Certified Foundation Manager (DSA)

Certified Executor (AGT)

Hannoversche Straße 57
D-29221 Celle

Assistant Julia Roll:
T +49 (0) 5141.93353-30
F +49 (0) 5141.93353-29

Notary secretary's office:
Sabine Butschbach
T +49 (0) 5141.93353-31
Claudia Fröhlich
T +49 (0) 5141.93353-49
Heike Rienass
T +49 (0) 5141.93353-33
Sandra Wiese
T +49 (0) 5141.93353-23
Cornelia Weiß
T +49 (0) 5141.93353-22

Practice Areas

Academic Work

  • Publications and Lecturing

Education and Professional Experience

  • Studied law at Rhenish Friedrich Wilhelm University in Bonn and Christian Albrecht University of Kiel
  • 18 months spent in the USA
  • Four months work experience at the German Embassy in Pretoria, South Africa
  • Awarded Doctorate in Law in 2007 (dissertation topic: History of Colonial Law)
  • Certified Attorney in Agricultural Law since 2011
  • Certified Attorney in Commercial and Corporate Law since 2014
  • Notary since 2014
  • Certified Foundation Manager (DSA) since 2020
  • Estate Executor
  • Joined KSB INTAX in 2008

Foreign Language

  • English

Memberships and Honorary Appointments

  • Member of the Association of Family Farms Land and Forest e.V.
  • Member of the German Society for Agricultural Law - Association for Agricultural and Environmental Law (DGAR) e.V.
  • Member of the board of a non-profit foundation
  • Chairman and member of various arbitration tribunals
  • Member of the Celle Lawyers' Association
  • various other honorary board activities