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Marital and Family Law (Notary)

Precautions and assistance

There are detailed arrangements for many types of family-law conflicts laid down in laws and regulations. In the absence of any contractual arrangements, these statutory provisions may in some cases run counter to the interests of parties to a conflict, however. If this is indeed the case, they  should be modified to reflect the familial and financial situation by means of a balanced, transparent pre- and/or post-nuptial agreement. Such an agreement deviating from the statutory marital property regime must be notarized to be effective.

[Translate to Englisch:] Steinerne Stufen und bunte Fliesen

In the event that a marriage breaks down or fails, it is furthermore advisable to conclude individually tailored separation contracts as well as agreements stipulating the effects of divorce with the support of a notary public’s expertise. This can frequently help avoid an acrimonious, nerve-wracking court dispute over the consequences of divorce.

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Attorney, Civil Law Notary


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