Equine law

We share your passion for horses.

"Equine law" is not a classic legal field. "Equine law" encompasses all disputes relating to horses or equestrian sports. The area of "equine law" has links to the most diverse areas of law, such as contract law, company and association law, sports law, tax law and agricultural law.

With our multidisciplinary approach, we resolve your disputes and advise you on all legal matters relating to horses or equestrian sports.

We advise equestrian-related companies, such as service providers in the areas of equestrian centre, riding hall or riding arena construction, equestrian equipment and horse transport, etc.

We support equestrian businesses and agricultural businesses that keep horses.

We assist veterinary clinics with all legal issues.

In addition to our legal perspective, we have the necessary equestrian and breeding background to offer you the best possible legal support when it comes to your legal concerns relating to horses.


Disputes relating to horses or equestrian sports
  • Warranty disputes when purchasing horses
  • Claims for damages following accidents involving horses
  • Disputes about stabling contracts, etc.
Equestrian-related companies (service providers in the areas of equestrian equipment, riding arena and indoor arena construction, stable construction and facilities, horse trailers and transporters)
  • Drafting and reviewing contracts
  • Extrajudicial and judicial advice
  • Advice in particular in the area of commercial and company law, for example on the choice or change of company form, formation or succession planning

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Dr. Ralf Schlottau

Attorney, Notary (m. d. Amtssitz in Celle)


Certified Attorney in Agricultural Law, Certified Attorney in Commercial and Corporate Law, Certified Foundation Manager (DSA)

Certified Executor (AGT)