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Corporate Law (Notary)

The sustained success of your company depends on forward-looking decisions pointing in the right direction and the review thereof. Selecting the right legal form and intelligent arrangements in the corporate agreements can lend clarity and security. We will be glad to advise you on these issues while at the same time taking into account tax and financing issues. In this manner we can work together with you to establish secure foundations for good, responsible corporate governance and sustainable rules for successful communication between managing directors, partners, shareholders and supervisory institutions. In this way we can help you leverage opportunities offered by the legal design of your company in a smart and targeted manner.


Multi-disciplinary support for business enterprises is one of the traditional mainstays of KSB INTAX. Corporate law is one of the core competencies of our advisors. Special strengths we have to offer include tax-optimized restructuring, assistance in transactions and advising managing directors and boards.

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