Insolvency Law

In the field of insolvency law, the focus of our specialized team of attorneys is on advising and representing all parties involved in an insolvency proceeding. This includes in particular insolvent debtors, managing directors and boards, partners and shareholders, creditors, employees, insolvency administrators and banks.

We advise business enterprises as well as their governing institutions and shareholders in connection with insolvency-law issues on a regular basis. Insolvency, corporate and criminal law have wide-ranging and multifarious requirements for managing directors, boards as well as shareholders, especially when a company goes through a crisis. The management, but also partners, are subject to an increased liability risk in company crises. We support our clients in the phase before insolvency and assist them during ongoing insolvency proceedings. This is also associated with representation in civil or criminal-law claim procedures.

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We also represent our clients in and out of court in defending against recovery claims emanating from voidable transactions. Not least by virtue of many years’ experience in insolvency administration, our experts are familiar with the strategies of insolvency administrators and have tried-and-proven lines of arguments, making possible an effective defense against claims for voidability.

Above and beyond this, we help creditors of insolvent companies realize loan collateral, rights to separation and segregation of assets as well as claims to compensation for use, surrender and restitution against insolvency administrators or self-administrated debtors.

We represent the interests of our clients at creditors’ meetings and support members of creditors’ committees in the active defense of these interests. Our advice by the same token encompasses the entire spectrum of legal and business requirements that face members of creditors’ committees. On top of this, we review the reasonableness of applications for remuneration filed by insolvency administrators and consultants’ budgets in self-administration proceedings.

We can provide our clients with effective expert support in reviewing the plausibility of insolvency plans, restructuring strategies and planning calculations through the networking of auditors, tax advisors and attorneys, thereby establishing foundations facilitating key decisions.

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